Online Blackjack Simulator Review

Are you looking for the best online blackjack simulator? Read on to find out.

Online Blackjack Simulator is one of the best online casinos because it involves basic skills and luck. These games are also easy to play. To find out more about this simulator casino, click (here) ( )

Online Blackjack simulator rules

Blackjack rulesĀ are easy and simple: You are supposed to collect cards in your hand of as many as 21points but not more than 21. More than 21 points is a loss and a bust.

There are five actions that a player performs like; Hit(take a card), Stand(Stop playing), Double(have the initial bet doubled). We also have Split(You can put a bet on each of the cards), Surrender where you lose by half.

Casino busting odds

Chances of busting in an online blackjack simulator directly depends on a combination you have. These combinations will help you make the best choices and win even in more tricky situations. The best players always take into account busting chances.

Busting odds are; 100% for 21points, 92% for 20, 85% for 19. And 77% for 18, 69% for 17,62% for 16, 58% for 15. Also, 56% for 14, 39% for 13, 31% for 12 and 0% for 11 and fewer.

Bonuses and Promotions

Just like any other online casino, Online Blackjack simulator also offers customers with exciting bonuses and promotions. However, the casino has some set wagering conditions and requirements that must be met for one to withdraw the bonus wins.

The bonus size always depends on the amount of first deposit. Such bonuses include; 100% for First Deposit Bonus of amount up to $500. We also have welcome bonuses for new customers and free spins.

Blackjack Simulator Tournaments

Blackjack simulator has tournaments that offer players a platform to compete amongst themselves and with the dealer. There are no specific restrictions for you to participate in these tournaments, you only need to access online casino and participate.

There are two formats for these tournaments. Time-limited blackjack tournaments where the best players are ones with more chips. Blackjack knockout tournaments where the player with the least cards at the end of each round get knocked out.

Blackjack Simulator Playing Guide

Just like any other online casino game, blackjack simulator requires one to learn and understand how to play it. However, this is not a difficult game to understand because it does not require lots of skills and practices.

Recommendations to follow are; Make a double if you have 10-11, stop on card 17, draw a card if you have 11 or fewer cards. Also take another card if 12-16 and Split if you have two eights or Aces.

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